This book rejoices in the unique value of the church
while seeking to provide insights into the problems she faces in the 21st Century.

The book has three distinct Parts.

This book argues that the authentic church is the most precious thing on earth. It addresses such critical issues as the Church’s true identity and God’s intention for the Church on earth in the 21st Century as opposed to alternate humanly devised paradigms. It directs us back to God’s original glorious purposes and postulates that when we work to God’s original plan our experience moves closer to that of the New Testament church and we set in motion healing and restoration within the organic body of Christ.

It does not avoid the hard topics such as authority in the church, the biblical distinction between gifts and offices, contemporary unbiblical practices, church discipline, sectarianism and eschatology. It provides insights as to how the timeless spiritual principles which governed the New Testament church can be applied in the vastly changed Western society of the 21st Century.

The author sounds a prophetic trumpet call for our times, calling the Church to return to her Head and presenting a biblical alternative to the failed institutionalised church culture. This book will also be helpful for those who have suffered from abusive churches.